Exploring the Essence of True Religion

The Search for True Religion:

humans have an inherent need to find meaning and purpose in their lives, what is the need of True religion. We always have an existential questions like “Why are we here?” and “What is the purpose of life?”

In future blogs i would be writing on a verse daily and we will ponder on each verse the origin of it, where was it revealed . so on and so forth.

But in this blog lets delve into the need of religion. We human are insatiable .We always demands for more. As Allah mentioned in Quran:-

لَقَدۡ خَلَقۡنَا الۡاِنۡسَانَ فِىۡ كَبَدٍؕ

(90:4) Verily We have created man into toil and hardship.

But have you ever thought what if you get all what you ever desired of? we will have a picture perfect life ….

A Question will arise what next? What is that i am living for now what do i have to achieve? what should we live for? Am i going to live for ever with this Nimah ( Blessings) ( which is of course not as death is inevitable)?

Human are repository of emotions , we are never in a constant state of emotions. I may be happy, sad, frustrated, mixed emotions…And i need all to be perfect ( which logically no person has ever got) except the one who do not want worldly pleasure , but logically even that’s not feasible. But what if you get everything you desired and if something of your desires are left unfulfilled which you deliberately wanted , We say its going to be fulfilled with so much better in another world ??that’s when True religion comes into picture….

Why We need True Religion:-

As a child we always look up to someone as a role Model. Of course when we say Role Model does not give some one a tag of being an Angel, they have there forte and foible areas. We use to watch fairy tales where all was good so called a fantasy world…But does that really exist???? Being a women i want to live with my husband and with my own family whole of my life …but i can’t ( only if Allah wills)…

Same way everyone has a wish or the other to be fulfilled . If one desire achieved we have another wish ready, which we have never ending list….. This is worldly life…

But What if we say Fantasy world exists.. Whatever we will desire we will have it …Shocked????

We just need to pay a little price for that . That Price is this Dunia (World) and currency is your deeds with which you will transact with in fantasy world…And that Fantasy world is called Akhira (Hereafter)…

Now You might think who knows Hereafter exist or not??? So , tell me one thing . Everyone loves a just behavior right? What do you think some people are starving in this world and other enjoying 6 times a day meal, some are homeless others have humongous properties laid out all over the world , some do not have parents others have it but don’t respect them, Are the oppressed going to suffer in this world and die simply and oppressors live ecstatic live here and no one to question after they die???

We have CCTV cameras to monitor the crimes, Don’t you think where CCTV is not installed, there is no oppressed? We human have been created with such and amazing structure. We know how to make use of this world and how to make use of human itself.. We brag about ourselves, DO you think such and amazing structure just came into existence by Itself? We say we have control on life. The Fact is we cannot control our life , we can only control our soul and body hardly. I can control my emotions at times, can control my weight, can control minds sometimes to get out of negativity… But Cannot control life. How? I wanted to be born at some celebrities home , but no body asked me before i popped out of my mommy’s tummy. When i will die i don’t know, no one will take my permission before taking out my soul or spare my life when its my death time….That means i am being controlled by someone…….


Please heed on whatever above was said. Take a moment out of your busy life just 5 min and ponder on your life , your action, why you are earing money for whom? what if that person is no more? will you fall into depression??? or want to meet that loved ones again??? If yes, you want to meet, that’s when True Religion comes into picture…

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